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The Most Canadian Things At The 2017 Canadian International Auto Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey America! It’s our birthday, friendly neighbor! Care to come along for the party? We’re turning 150, but our Prime Minister is young, hip, and sexy. And possibly high. We’re having a kickass auto show in Toronto to celebrate. Come on, it’ll be fun! We’ve got truckloads of poutine for y’a and we’re paying for the Labatt 50.

Bring along a toque and a warm pair of socks, and check out all the uniquely Canadian stuff we’ve set up for you at the Canadian International Auto Show, eh.

GMC All Mountain Sierra HD

GMC Canada has partnered up with the Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort, from British Columbia, to engineer a vehicle that could climb the rocky mountains. The idea was to carry riders up Flute Bowl, where no ski-lift is available. Problem solved, I say.

The All Mountain is a bitchin’ contraption. It’s fitted with snow tracks, LED everything, a heavy-duty Allison rear-end, and a good old American V8 under its hood. I want one.

1867 Henry Seth Taylor Steam Buggy

So you thought Karl Benz was responsible for engineering the first automobile? You’d be wrong. Actually, there were several people that attempted building a car before the Germans gave it a try. One of which was Henry Seth Taylor, a watchmaker and jeweler from the humble town of Stanstead, Québec.

In 1867, Taylor invented one of the first iterations of the automobile. This Steam Buggy is also the first ever automobile to have been produced in Canada. Pfff, yeah.

The Villeneuve F1 Cars

In 1997, Michael Schumacher tried to cut off a young, blond Québécois that was driving a blue and white Williams FW19. It was the biggest mistake of Schumacher’s career that year. That kid later went on to win the world championship. His name was Jacques Villeneuve.

He is also our country’s third most successful musician, behind Celine Dion and Nickelback.

Vintage Formula 1 Cars

This year’s CIAS underlines 50 years of Formula One in Canada by exposing some vintage F1 cars from milestone historical moments.

On top, you’re looking at Jim Clark’s 1967 Lotus. Back then, the Canadian Grand-Prix was taking place at Mosport Park just outside Toronto.

CIAS also features Micheal Schumacher’s Benetton in which he finished in second place at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, in Montréal, during his rookie year in 1992.

1914 Russell

Ever heard of CCM bicycles? Well they also used to build cars! Introducing, the 1914 Russell. At the time, Russell automobiles aimed at building a truly Canadian luxury line of cars. This 14-28 model is a prime example. It features high-end luxury amenities such as “fine enamel” instead of brass, electric lights, and pebble-grain leather. Fancy.

Unfortunately, due to a serious shortage of essential materials caused by the arrival of World War 1, Russell was forced to stop automobile production and focused on making munitions for the military instead. Câlisse.

1927 McLaughlin-Buick Royal Town Car

In 1927, HRH Edward, Prince of Wales, and his brother Prince George, toured Canada in this car as part of the diamond jubilee celebrations. How cool is that?

The Town Car was developed and built by GM Canada, under the McLaughlin-Buick brand, and was created specifically to carry the Royal Party to cool places.

Canada Post Vango Mailtruck

Where can I sign to have Canada Post get rid of its fleet of Ford Transit Connects and replace them with this: the Vango? It’s like a Kei car, that somehow looks like a VW bus. It also carries your mail around. This thing kicks ass.

Nissan Micra Cup Race Car

Hey America, we have a Nissan Micra and you don’t.

Just look at it. Isn’t it the cutest, coolest, most awesome-est, forbidden fruit, subcompact car you’ve ever seen?

We also have a Nissan Micra cup here in Canada, where a whole bunch of them Micras trade paint on the track. These things are particularly fun to watch during the Canadian Grand-Prix in Montréal. They also make more noise than the F1 cars.

Ontario Provincial Police BRP Can-Am Commander

While on my quest to find the uniquely Canadian stuff at CIAS, I couldn’t help but jot down this thing. No, but seriously, I think the only way this BRP Can-Am Commander police side-by-side could be more Canadian, is if it would be loaded with Timbits and dripping with maple syrup. Wait, I just had an idea.

The CN Tower

Before the erection of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Canada held the record for having the tallest tower in the world for 34 years running. The CN tower stands at 1,815.3 ft tall.

And since the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where CIAS is held, is located underground, all you need to do is peak through the several window domes to admire this Canadian marvel of civil engineering. Want more? Click here.

The 2017 Canadian International Auto Show is going on right now through February 26th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

William Clavey is an automotive journalist from Montréal, Québec, Canada. He runs, and does some collaborative writing over at