Without a doubt, there's no other place quite like EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with such a wide variety of planes โ€” from experimental to vintage, and warbird to glider. Like you'd see at any car show, each plane is polished and looking her best. Here are some of the best-looking planes I've seen this week.

1946 Beech D18S - registered N412K

Icon A5. This is ESN-1, the first Icon A5 built at production specs.


An experimental plane called a Buchthal Robert SS2, built in 1999.

The Aeroshell T6 Texans haven been performing at Oshkosh for 30 years.


The first production HondaJet

Are P-51 Mustangs not the sexiest planes ever? I overheard a guy saying there are still about 160 in flying condition, which is pretty remarkable, considering they're all around 70 years old.


DC-3s / C47s are also beautiful. AirVenture has a whole field dedicated just to vintage warbirds. I could spend all day here!


NX757K โ€” A T28C Trojan

A 1939 Spartan Executive 7W, registered N17634


AirVenture's night air show is incredible! I'll do a separate post just for that, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak. I could do a week's worth of posts of just plane pics from here, but I'll save more for another time.

Top image โ€” 1940 North American P64 - S/N 68-3061

All photos are by Paul Thompson.