The Most Awesome Drift Car Ever

The kids can have their 240SX's and Corolla AE86's, we'll take this awesome Pontiac burning the baloneys all the way around the track. Seriously, drift racers, take note: this is how it's done. (Hat tip to Henri!)


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Okay, you got me thinking.

What is the most awesome drift car EVER? That's a QOTD. And I have some ideas.

School bus. If there were ever something you wouldn't expect to see drifting, that's it. Snow is probably required.

Semi. It's been done, but hey. It still looks cool. Youtube it.

Motorcycle. Get your ya-yas out on two wheels. Wear your pads, you're going to want them.

My personal favorite for most awesome drift car EVER: 66 Toronado. 20 feet of chain drive front wheelspinnin' madness. Get that great big booty swinging wide and the gigantic front paws dig deep and drag you around. Could be lots of fun.