The most amazing time-lapse video you'll see today

Most time-lapse videos work by capturing an object from one vantage point as the world changes around it. This remarkable time-lapse of the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City by photographer Rob Whitworth moves along with the Vietnamese city. And that — along with a roundabout that seems to beat like the heart of the city — is what helps to make this the most amazing time-lapse video you'll see today.

Is Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) a particularly beautiful place or is the camera work just that good? Probably both. The coastal city pulses with people and traffic as the camera pulses along with it. Has a ferry ever looked better ferrying or a biker biking?

The traffic circle beats like the city's heart; cars flowing in like blood to get oxygenated and then flowing back out again to go to the arms, legs and other far reaches of the city.


It's part video. Part tone poem. Completely intoxicating.

(Hat tip to Spiegel!)

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That's the benifit of still camera's on timers, you shoot wide angle and at 16 megapixel (arbitrary number) that's 5k vertical resolution, going to 720p vertical gives you a lot of latitude to move the frame around to give the appearance of panning and tilting. I know people shooting on RED cameras (@ 5k) just to being able to do that in post and still keep 1080p resolution.