The Morgan 3 Wheeler Is a Brilliant Death Trap

It's objectively a terrible car, but we still love it. Watch the guys at SavageGeese risk their lives for a ride.

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Generally speaking, cars these days are better than they’ve ever been. Crumple zones, seatbelts, and airbags keep you safe in a crash. Engines are both more powerful and also more fuel efficient. You can expect to drive one past the 100,000-mile mark. Heck, you can even use a lot of supercars as daily drivers if you want. And then there’s the Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Technically, it was canceled and replaced with the Morgan Super 3, but SavageGeese recently got a chance to drive one in all its V-twin glory. They loved it. They hated it. And thankfully, they released a video of it so we could all enjoy watching someone else risk their lives driving it from the safety of our own homes.

Morgan 3 Wheeler | The Coffin on Wheels

Even if you wanted to drive one, most Americans just wouldn’t fit. There’s no need to worry about headroom, but the interior is beyond cramped. You’ll want to worry about your head, though, because even with roll bars, if you get in a wreck, you’re probably toast. It’s the kind of car you buy if the only way you can feel alive is if you’re feeling close to death.


An Ariel Atom “feels like a fucking BMW next to” the Morgan 3 Wheeler. It’s “like a canoe that you put wheels on.” If you’re trying to get your anxiety levels up, just take this thing for a spin on a road full of pickup trucks and SUVs. That’ll fix you right up.

But at the same time, it’s got character. It’s got charm. It’s not afraid to be uncomfortable, unrefined, unreliable. It’s OK with not being a car that only appeals to a tiny number of people. And that makes it absolutely incredible. The world really is a better place with the Morgan 3 Wheeler in it.