​The Mitsubishi Evolution X Is Dead After The 2015 Model

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Part of any good funeral is black and white portraits of the deceased, so when Mitsubishi put out "new" photos of the 2015 Lancer Evolution X today, we should've known.


While the Evo will live on for one more year here in the U.S., after that, Mitsu is calling it quits on the turbocharged, all-wheel-drive sedan after the 2015 model year.

Here's what Mitsubishi has to say:

While the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has been discontinued in many markets, the United States is committed to producing and marketing the Lancer Evolution through the 2015 model year. Production of the 2015 model year Lancer Evolution is scheduled to begin in July 2014.

Mitsubishi Motors does not have any plans to design a successor with the current concept such as a high-performance four-wheel-drive gasoline-powered sedan. Mitsubishi Motors will explore the possibilities of high-performance models that incorporate electric vehicle technology. Moving forward, the technology honed in the Lancer evolution model will continue to be advanced and proactively incorporated into future models.

So, yeah, it's dying. Which isn't a surprise, but brings up a question: What kind of wake should we throw for the Evo?

Suggestions box is below.



Mitsubishi! Change USA business model as follows:

New Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX based off evo power/drive train. 2+2, long hood short deck, etc etc. Maybe include a GT RWD version using Outlander GT 3L V6. And GSX-R with bigger turbo, IC, forged pistons, etc. Think a cross between 2g DSM and Bizzarrini GT 5300! (I can help with designs if you need it, ;-) )

Make this a send off for the gasoline engine! Make it all a "limited edition".

Then focus on electric from now on, using Tesla patents to create super affordable EVs In variety of shapes that use the Tesla Supercharger network. Continue diesel/gas SUV/truck models for the other countries.

Participate in GT motorsports with GSX-R to bolster track image.

From then on, go balls to the wall with EV. Cheap 1-motor with diff, sporty 2-motor for each rear wheel, Luxury AWD 4 motor. Small city cars ala MiEV, Sportscars ala Miata, Luxury cars ala Model S, SUVs ala Land Rover.

Become Market leader, get help from Mitsubishi Electric, leverage expertise. Etc.

I just want a new Eclipse.....