The Mitsubishi e-Evolution Is Everything The Old Evo Wasn't

It’s done. The final nail in the coffin of the Mitsubishi Evo has been driven. It’s now officially an electric crossover, as previewed by the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s depressing as hell.

Wouldn’t it be fun if we took the Evolution model, added a hyphen to the name, and then electrified it? (OK so far.) Then, let’s turn it into a crossover and make it look like a blurry photo of a dog running for its life. (You’ve lost me, there.)


Nonetheless, Mitsubishi has done just that, with an early look at the new e-Evolution Concept squeaking out ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show over on CarScoops. The concept is reportedly driven by three electric motors—one in the front, two in the back—with a fancy torque vectoring system and a safety system which, the company claims, can interpret driver intentions and read changes in the road environment and give you suggestions while driving, which sounds shockingly similar to having a permanent back-seat driver.

So not only has Mitsubishi sold the Evo’s soul to the devil, but it’s also sold out to the secret Illuminati AI overlords. They may even be the same thing.

The company claims this thing is built for “high-performance.” OK sure, and maybe the 2+2 doors are cool, but how about a little bit of self-respect? Nonetheless, we should be getting more details on this thing shortly.

(This post has been updated to reflect that the vehicle is named the e-Evolution and not the e-Volution, which is somehow even dumber.)


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