A tsunami is a giant wave, and the S-Class Coupé is exactly the same. An endless wave of sexy curves and light.

With Maybach gone, Mercedes has to fill its place with more exclusive S-Classes. One of which will be the 2016 Pullman model that'll cost in the $200-$250K range. But another could very well be an S-Coupé, the ultimate expression of wealth. With this concept, Mercedes let its designers play around a bit.

It's a bit like a BMW 6-Series if it grew a few sizes. That's not a bad thing. I also think the rear looks almost Asian, but there's also a touch of SLS AMG in there, just for good measure.


The roof is glass, of course, with the frame painted black to make it look like its one piece with the windscreen. Apart from that, it's all about width. Everything is shaped so that it looks low and sleek.

The coupé is more than five meters long (at 16' 56"), and rolls on 21 inch-wheels. It's powered by a 4663cc biturbo V8 producing a healthy 455 horsepower. The gadgets are from the normal S-Class too, with all the safety features and "black diamond" finish you all love.



I agree. It totally needs a V16...

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik