The Mercedes Ener-G-Force Is The Awkwardly Named Future Of Off-Roading

The Mercedes G-Class has been around in the same basic form for about 78 years now. Ok, the number is actually closer to 33, but it is getting long in the tooth.

Unfortunately, we can't expect it to be around forever. That's where the Mercedes Ener-G-Force design study comes in.


If you didn't guess, the G in the Ener-G-Force name is a direct reference to the G-Class. It based off on a design for a future police car that was in the 2012 Los Angeles Design Challenge and is intended to be an "environmentally friendly" off road concept.

Instead of hybrid power, the Ener-G-Force uses a hydrogen power system that is actually incredibly cool. It has what Mercedes is dubbing a "hydro-tech converter." Basically, it stores recycled water in tanks on the roof which is then transferred to the converter. Resources are then mystically converted into hydrogen which powers the car and gives it a range of nearly 500 miles.

Holy cow.


On the design front, it looks very Geländewagen-esque, with a muscular and utilitarian style. Yes, it is modern, but it sure doesn't look like a wussy crossover. No sir, this looks like a truck that shows off its hairy chest and chops down trees. It's the Paul Bunyan of environmentally conscious vehicles.

If this is the future of the G-Wagen, we're ok with that.

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