The Mercedes-AMG GT: This Is It, On The Inside

At a fancy seated dinner in New York last night, Mercedes-Benz revealed the name of their next great Porsche 911 fighter to be the Mercedes-AMG GT. They didn't show off the actual car or give us the specs, but they did show us what it looks like on the inside.

Mercedes put out these hi-res images of the AMG GT's interior to give us a "foretaste" — I didn't know that was a word until just now, so thanks, Mercedes — of what to expect from their new premium purebred sports car. As can be expected from any high-end Mercedes, it looks quite nice in there.


The cockpit is said to be aviation-themed with a dashboard that sweeps outward like a pair of wings. Premium materials including race-inspired carbon fiber are used throughout. That infotainment screen looks like less of a tacked-on afterthought than some models, so that's a plus.

Also, the press release from Mercedes also uses the word "dynamic" five times, so you know it's gonna be, like, amazing. Or whatever "dynamic" means.


As Jason pointed out last night, the controls on the center console are directly arranged like eight cylinders in a V-layout, which is basically Benz's way of telling us that this car will have a V8 of some sort, probably a turbocharged one.

In all seriousness, it looks pretty sweet in there. Mercedes has been on something of a roll lately with their styling and AMG performance is never something to sneeze at, so the AMG GT is something we'll be looking forward to.

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