The Mercedes-AMG A45 Is The Most Powerful Production Hatchback Ever

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Since all of its 381 horsepower debuted here at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I’ve been completely speechless. All I can tell you is that she pops and bangs like there’s no tomorrow. What a wild thing!

The Audi RS3 has 362 horsepower, so of course the new A-Class AMG has nineteen more! The horsepower wars is in full force, ladies and gentlemen.

AMG’s new punisher hatch also comes with a peak torque figure of 350 foot pounds, and with the all-wheel drive and all the other wizardry, it will reach sixty two in 4.2 seconds. Top speed is limited at a 155mph as usual, but with that much power and traction, killing distance at any speed will be quite a ride.


Remember, all this juice comes from a 1,991cc four-cylinder. That’s a high-five to the engineering department right there!


Photo credit: Robert Stokes and Mercedes-Benz


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