The Mega Exotic Cars Of Monaco Are Ripped Out Of Grand Theft Auto

Cars in Monaco are crazy. Old school Ferraris and Lamborghinis are so common they don't even deserve a second glance. But then there are other cars. Cars that look animated. And it's because they basically appear to be taken straight from Grand Theft Auto.

What we have here in Monaco is a GTA Spano. It's a Spanish supercar with a 900 horsepower version of the V10 engine out of the Viper. But it also looks like someone took the Grotti Cheetah straight out of GTA V and made a real life version.


Then, in the video, something that rarely happens to us, uh, happens. There a car behind the GTA Spano, and we have no clue what it is. Our only thought?

The Elegy RH-8, which is also from GTA. Same paint scheme, similar lights, and nothing that's recognizable from the car world that we know. Lotus Elise? Miata? M3? It could be any of them.


That this actually shows is that the resident of Monaco are so freaking rich that they don't have to buy cars that are even in this real world. They are buying cars that don't even exist outside of computer games.


That's a true sign of wealth. Not owning a yacht. Not private chateaus all over the world. Nope. You've really made it when you can will computer generated vehicles to become real in front of you.

Now that's what I call power.

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