The McLaren Sports Series Teases Us With Loud, Angry Snow Drifts

You can't see much in this new teaser video for the McLaren Sports Series. But you can see enough.

The "entry-level" (read: cheaper than a 650S but still expensive) McLaren formerly known as the P13 wasn't at Geneva this year because it's waiting for its New York Auto Show debut next month. I think America will appreciate it.


In other news, McLaren officials at Geneva told our own Máté that the Sports Series will come in "more than two" bodystyles. We're guessing that means coupe, roadster and something else, but we're not sure what the third (or more) variants will be. My money's on a shooting brake.

The Sports Series is expected to use McLaren's 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 tuned to more than 500 horsepower, and it's being pegged as a Porsche 911 Turbo competitor. I look forward to seeing it in April.

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I look forward to the day in which we will be able to see as many McLaren products on the road as comparable Porsche products.