The seemingly endless, ruddy brown plains of Mars once delighted astronomers and Sci-Fi enthusiasts with the promise of a civilization better than our own. More advanced. More spectacular. Imagine what those prognosticators would have thought if they saw a McLaren P1 there. Here's as close as we're going to get.

Mars, it turns out, is kind of a crappy place for a car. Even with the hybrid engine the lack of oxygen would have a negative impact on the car, to say nothing of the driver. So it wasn't Mars. It's actually in Dubai, but it felt a bit like Mars taking such a mad looking car and parking in the Desert.


With my job I get to realise a lot of my dream shoots, but this for me was the ultimate and I've been dreaming of it for years (although the original dream was a McLaren F1 before the P1 came out). I only had 3 days in Dubai which meant quite a quick shoot and I wanted to get as much variety as possible. So this is the first half of the shoot, the sandy stuff! This is also the second time I've shot the P1.

The car is owned by gumball team Team Galag who are famous for having built a tumbler and I had Parc Fermé on the scene to sort logistics to make the shoot possible. You think it'll be easy and just drive out into the desert and take photos, but you actually need a lot of planning such as scouting locations and sorting a transporter for the P1 so we could get it into places where it couldn't drive. So huge thanks to all involved!

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Photos: GFWilliams