Oh, you have a McLaren 650S Spider? How nice for you, I suppose. But for those of us who aren't on food stamps, meet the McLaren Special Operations 650S Spider. You can't even handle how bespoke it is.

It's so exclusive that the people who ordered them aren't even reading this right now — they have hired help who read the Internet to them every morning, all while feeding them oatmeal. The fancy kind. Not that instant crap.

But for the rest of you plebs, I shall explain what makes the MSO 650S Spider so desirable. It's a limited edition supercar in the vein of the popular MSO 650S Coupe concept shown in China earlier this year. Only 50 examples will be sold globally in Spider and coupe form, and the Spider version will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend.


Its exterior is fitted with a number of carbon fiber components with a satin finish, including its side blades, giving it "a subtle and purposeful look," to use McLaren's words.

It also has 10-spoke "Palladium" colored lightweight wheels with a unique diamond cut effect. What better way to scream "I paid almost no taxes last year because all my money is in offshore accounts"?


The MSO 650S only comes in three colors: Papaya Spark, Agrigan Black and Sarigan Quartz. If you went to a public school you may know them as orange, black and silver.

On the inside, the MSO 650S is upholstered with "carbon black" leather and Alcantara, along with more satin-lacquered carbon fiber. It's like driving around in a diamond mine, minus the horrific working conditions inherent in diamond mines.


But the real benefit of buying the MSO 650S — besides the phenomenal speed and driving experience, of course — is that each one comes with an Alcantara-lined, "carbon fiber leather" weekend bag, so you can take your MSO 650S with you whenever you go to places where cars are not permitted, like the insides of buildings.

Pricing starts at £252,500 for the coupe and £272,500 for the Spider, with first deliveries due before the end of the year. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and order one while you still can! I have already instructed my manservant to put in an order for three of them. Perhaps I shall give you a ride to the soup kitchen of your choosing if I feel generous that day.