McLaren Special Operations built another limited edition 650S, but this one is very, very special as Peter "Lotus, McLaren, TWR, Prodrive, Speeeeeed" Stevens helped them with it.

To celebrate the five McLaren F1 GTRs finishing at Le Mans in 1995 at 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 13th, and while they are at it, also the five McLaren F1 LMs honoring them, MSO is building 50 650S Le Mans coupes inspired by the race-winning #59 McLaren F1 GTR.

You know, this one:


Yes. So, instead of going back to Le Mans to race, McLaren will charge you $370,698 for one of these babies. Yet it's not like you're not getting cool stuff for your money.

The anniversary cars will be offered as a coupé only, and feature a roof-mounted 'snorkel' air intake to cool the twin-turbo V8s and bring more noise to the cabin. A bigger front splitter also increases downforce.


Power figures remain unchanged, carbon ceramic brakes are standard of course (with orange calipers), but the 'Le Mans Edition' lightweight wheels with the Pirelli P Zero Corsa and the added aero should make these cars corner faster than a regular 650S.

As you would expect, everything is made of carbon fiber including the front splitter, the rear bumper, and MSO's extended side blades and rear diffuser. The Le Mans cars get a metallic Sarthe Grey exterior paint with a slash of Papaya Orange here and there.


Inside, it's an Alcantara festival following the same black/orange theme, embossed Le Mans logos, unique floor mates and a dedication plate on the door card.

To top the car itself, the fifty lucky buyers of the McLaren 650S Le Mans will also receive an invitation for two to join McLaren at a 20th anniversary celebration of the victory at the Le Mans circuit.


Nice, but you can actually keep the car for that sort of money. I only wish to receive an invitation to the F1 GTR party...