The McLaren 12C Will Get More Power For 2014 (UPDATE: Nevermind)

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The McLaren MP4-12C is already an unbelievable driving experience and one of the fastest cars money can buy. And for 2014, it's getting more powwwerrrrrr. (Update: Actually not.)


I had a chance to drive the 12C Spider yesterday (more on that in a bit), and while I was doing a chassis walk around with engineers, I confirmed that the engine of the P1 shares some architecture with the 12C. It's heavily revised, of course, which is how it pushes out 727 horsepower.

The McLaren engineers (Boffins? I think that's a Britishism) told me that the MP4-12C will be getting a number of upgrades that the P1 engine received for the 2014 model year. That means more power.

They told me the level of power is "undetermined at this time," which is PR speak for "do you think we're idiots? We aren't telling you." Based on absolutely no evidence, I'd assume that it's a healthy increase from the 616 that's in the car now, but not the 727 that sits in the P1. I'm thinking 650 sounds like a good, happy medium.

So that means we're going to get an even faster, even more capable 12C in 2014. I didn't think that was possible, but apparently it is.

(Update: I just got a call from McLaren, who told me that the car will, in fact, not be getting a power increase for 2014. Seems like there was a bit of a miscommunication from the engineers to me (and the other journo at the briefing with me who heard the same thing I did) to you. Sorry folks!)


Victorious Secret

Unlike Mazda whose happy face front end was actually creepy, the MP4 is a genuine happy.

The hoon happy. The grinning like an idiot because you're driving a great car happy.

See, McLaren gets car design just fine.

Which is more than you can say for that droopy 458...