Who says Porsche has a monopoly on turning cars into Speedsters and Spyders? Mazda just turned out versions of both for the 2016 Miata for the SEMA show, and I kind of want one. Or both! Make it both.

The idea behind both is to take the lightweight strategy that makes the new Miata so fun to drive to a new extreme. Mazda has done this before with older previous generations of Miata and now it’s back with updates for the fourth-generation roadster.

First up, the silver Spyder concept sports an ultra-thin fabric “bikini top” from the American Sunroof Corporation, as well as a new body kit, 17-inch Advan wheels and other exterior tweaks. At 2,301 pounds, it drops about 30 pounds off a stock Miata.

But the roofless (and windshield-less) Speedster concept is the weight-savings are really at. The blue concept, with lightweight 16-inch wheels, a custom interior, Racing Beat center-mount exhaust and coilover suspension comes in at just 2,080 pounds. Bet that’s fun.

Which one would you take home?




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