There are many different kinds of cars and many different kinds of driving. For each of these modes, there is a safe, obvious, reliable choice of vehicle. These are the Toyota Camrys (Camries?) of the car world, and I think I can pinpoint them all.

I’ll start simple so that this all makes sense.

The Toyota Camry of Midsize Sedans: the Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry of Track Cars: the Mazda Miata

The Toyota Camry of Drifting: the Nissan 240SX

The Toyota Camry of Vintage Cars: the Ford Mustang

The Toyota Camry of Sitting On The Side Of The Road While You Try To MacGyver A Fix For Your Throttle Cable That Just Snapped Again: the VW Beetle

The Toyota Camry of Trucks: the Ford F-150

The Toyota Camry of Hot Hatchbacks: the VW GTI

The Toyota Camry of AWD: the Subaru Impreza

The Toyota Camry of Offroading: the Jeep Wrangler

The Toyota Camry of Delivering Tofu: the Toyota AE86

The Toyota Camry of Adventure Vehicles: the Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Camry of Getting To Your Squash Appointment On Time: the BMW E30

If you have any more automotive categories that you think have a Toyota Camry of their segment, please make a note of them in the comments below, or just argue with me for fun.


CORRECTION: After much thought and the impassioned arguments of reader jjhats I have come to see that the VW GTI is the Camry of hot hatchbacks, not the it’s-so-hot-right-now Fiesta ST as originally reported.

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