The Maserati Quattroporte Is A Rich Young Woman's Car In China

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Sometimes the same cars that sell to old people in the U.S. and Europe sell to a very different crowd in China. Buick is one of the best examples, earning a decent foothold among up-and-coming Chinese consumers while it was saddled with a senior citizen image here. Now, it's Maserati's turn to find a new audience.

Case-in-point is the new Quattroporte. Automotive News Europe spoke to Maserati's CEO, Harald Wester, who said 40% of Quattroporte buyers in China are "very successful young businesswoman who love European craftsmanship and want to be chauffeured."

That goes up next to the fact Maserati claims just 5% of its American and European customers are women.


Wester said there's also an age difference in their, as the average Maserati buyer in China is 37, compared to 55 elsewhere.

A couple of takeaways here: That stretch in the Quattroporte's length has really paid off for the company, even if the car does not look as good as before. And second, the coveted rich 37-year-old woman demographic is a great one to have.

So the next thing you'll hear is Maserati's big effort to shake off its old person's image in the West. Oh great.

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spanfucker retire bitch

What the hell is the point of being chauffeured in a Maserati? It's not like it's a Rolls or anything. It's a driver's car - at least that's what I always thought.