The Manual Transmission BMW M5 And M6 Are Dead


BMW is reportedly killing the manual transmission in both the M5 and M6 models once production ends later this year, and it is most likely never coming back.

In a report from Car And Driver, CEO of BMW’s M division Frank van Meel announced that the manual transmission will no longer be available for the M5 and M6 models, and there are no plans for the next generation of each model to seek the option either.

Why? Because we’re all fools and nobody bought them, despite BMW developing a 6-speed manual specifically for the U.S. market. Meel said that demand for a manual M6 was virtually at zero.


With the extended costs and development that goes into a manual offering, it’s just not worth it to Save The Manuals in BMW’s case.

But wipe away your tears, re-mortgage the house, get a third loan and go buy a manual M2, M3 or M4, dammit. We will not stand idly by and watch the BMW manual die.

We being you, because I’m broke.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Have Jeep, will travel.

The reality of the situation is that BMW’s DKG, VAG’s DSG, Porsche’s PDK are just far superior in every way to a manual. Thats it. End of story. If you’re buying a performance car, the dual clutch boxes are a giant leap over a clutch pedal manual. They never miss shifts, shift quicker than us, are consistent, have the same power loss as a pedal manual, and are relatively simple when compared to an automatic, and the only thing more complicated than a manual is the clutch. There is no downside. If rowing gears is what you’re after, I get it. I have a manual in my Jeep. For my GLI, it was a DSG all the way.