The Man Punched Into A Coma For Complimenting A Guy's Wheels Is Awake

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The Puyallup, Wash. man punched in the head when he complimented his attacker's rims woke up Saturday after more than a week in a coma.

Friends and family had gathered for a vigil in support of 21-year-old James Foster, who suffered severe head injuries when Daman Lehman, 25, allegedly punched him twice in the head after Foster complimented the rims on his Lexus.


There's no word yet on whether or not Foster has been able to speak since the attack, but kirotv reported that he opened his eyes and squeezed his girlfriend's hand on Saturday night as vigil participants stood outside the Tacoma hospital where he's being treated.

Lehman pleaded not guilty to assault charges is out on $75,000 bail.

News of the incident, as well as calls for retribution against Lehman, has spread like wildfire online. In lieu of the alleged attacker's Facebook profile — which was deleted since our last post — Lehman's detractors have created a "DAMAN LEHMAN DESERVES LIFE IN PRISON" page on the social media site.

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As of this posting, it has 695 members, as well as Google Maps directions to Lehman's house and a link to his attorney's Facebook page (which, although the life in prison poster says doesn't limit comments, appears to be devoid of Lehman content). It was for that exact reason that a similar thread on social media site Reddit was also deleted.


Lehman's now deleted Facebook page listed his interests as "UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship, AFFLICTION, Golds Gym Richland Wa, Powerhouse Restaurant and Brewery, reddit, 9GAG, Summit Pub, Vision Quest Sport and Fitness."

Photographic evidence also confirms that his arms are bigger than most people's thighs.


Photo Credit: kirotv, ikaiyoo

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Let me start by saying, I am not taking any sides. As a person who has no dog in this fight, I refuse to swing to the support of either side for one monumental reason — I wasn't there nor was anyone there that I know and trust. I know working the internet mob into a frenzy is easy when there is such a compelling story. A defenseless, average Joe who gets destroyed for being a nice guy. An overly muscled, meathead who just walks around and beats people into oblivion for no other reason than he genuinely wants to inflict pain on helpless others. I get it. It's an easy story to get behind.

However, how many of us here can TRUTHFULLy say that they feel that they have the entire story aside from what we're told here? Think of the biggest, meanest, most ignorant meat head you can think of. Now how many of you think that if you gave them a compliment would react that same way? Probably not many. Not because it CAN'T happen...but because it just doesn't seem likely.

I'm sure that what this guy did was an over-reaction. There aren't a whole lot of things outside of self-defense that warrant this type of reaction. My point is, I wouldn't bet money that this story unfolded exactly as it's portrayed. SOMETHING set this guy off.....even if it was silly and trivial, I don't think it was a compliment about some wheels.