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While the Hummer carries most of the historical weight of the blowhard puffed chest Bush Years, it’s the Pre-Recession Ford F-150 that most encapsulates the bland bigness of the era, as Regular Car Reviews explains.

“Life is the acquisition of keys,” RCR intones. “Car keys, house keys, office keys, and yes, the keys to a Ford F-150. Carry them with a certain responsibility—You’re grown, son. You’ll be expected to handle this and not embarrass the rest of us—It’s a responsibility that feels fully American in how it’s blown out of proportion.”


That’s what’s funny about this no-face 2006 F-150, and all the other F-trucks of the era. They are so flat and devoid of character, but they still lumber around like they are glowing visions of exceptionalism.

Maybe that’s what made these trucks so popular then, and still so popular today.

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