The Lotus Evora 400 Rocks

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Matt Farah went for a drive in the first Lotus Evora 400 delivered to America, only to get so surprised by it that he might need to buy one now. And he should.

We joke a lot about Lotus not making any completely new cars at all, but the British certainly deserve some credit for making the most out of whatever limited resources they have. Look at the Evora 400, their fastest street car ever. Is it just a beefed up regular Evora? Not by a long shot.


It’s significantly lighter, more powerful, stiffer and quite luxurious inside, yet it rides well, corners and stops like a Lotus should and even screams if you press the loud button on the exhaust linked to that supercharged Toyota V6. More importantly, it comes with a six-speed manual and hydraulic steering, because why fix what isn’t broken?

Matt is a big guy, yet he found the Evora 400 to be both comfortable and solidly built. What more could you want from a light, nimble and properly fast sports car?

Since Lotus is planning to bring the next Elise and Exige to America as well, you should help them by taking these for a spin. After which you’ll want to take them home, so Lotus stays in business. It’s a win-win.

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Justin T. Westbrook

Put Bond back in a Lotus!

Meanwhile I’ll take my Evora 400 in this copper and gold scheme, please.