Chassis 073 is not one of the five+one original F1 LMs, but that didn’t stop its new owner from forking out $12.5 million plus the buyer’s fee for it.


If you think about it, $13.75 million for a nice F1 is not a bad deal. RM estimated it at $15 million, and while this 1998 car is pretty much a mint example with just under 3,728 miles on the clock, Rowan Atkinson’s twice-crashed standard F1 with 41,000 miles sold for somewhere above $11 million just recently. Those LM upgrades alone easily worth a $2 million premium.

McLaren underestimated the market when the LMs came out. They played it safe by only making five to celebrate the five F1s that finished the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. What they didn’t count on is that the Sultan of Brunei will buy three of those five customer cars, making sure that LM1, LM4 and LM5 disappears from the grid for good.


LM XP1 is at McLaren, LM2 and LM3 are in America, with the latter belonging to Ralph Lauren. And that’s it.

Luckily for the rest, McLaren Special Operations is more than happy to turn any regular F1 into LM-Spec, with the High Downforce Package and all. That’s exactly what happened to chassis 073 as well, which is also one of only two road cars fitted with an LM-specification engine tuned to deliver 680 horsepower at 7,800rpm with an increased compression ratio, different cams and pistons, optimized airflow, larger radiators and a sports exhaust.

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I guess that’s why its a shame that since its previous owner bought it 2003 and took it to his collection in Florida, 073 only covered 430 miles.


We can only hope the new one will take her for a spin at least once in a while.

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