Forget the concours d'elegance. These guys don't just drive their priceless classic cars, they absolutely thrash them. Offroad.


It's called trials, put on by the UK's Vintage Sports Car Club or VSCC. The idea is you take your vintage, prewar car and drive it on something like a prewar country road.

Only what was a prewar road country back in the day doesn't really look like a road.

The video above shows a classic Bentley and an even older Mercedes (back when Mercedes built sports cars so rough they'd make a Lotus look luxurious) flat out up 'Marcle Hill' at the Herefordshire Trial. No, these names could not be more British. Yes, this was recorded earlier this year.


But Miracle Hill is one of the more normal-looking courses these cars tackle. Here's a clip of the Cotswold Trial in 2011, where drivers hurl their cars up a slick, muddy, grassy hill.

These guys are jumping their cars, flat out, right by trees with no helmet, no roof, no rollcage. They might be old cars, but this is some serious driving.

Except it's more ridiculous than serious, isn't it? Just look at how the passengers have to bounce up and down to fight for traction. It's like a bunch of hillbillies jumping in the trunk of a sagging winter beater, only this is like, the landed gentry of the British Empire in handbuilt sports cars of the classic era.

Tell me that's not hilarious.

No matter how hard that presenter tries, it will not be anything less than completely, bizarrely humorous.


Of course, old money that these drivers are, the value of the car isn't a question. They're more like heirlooms from when their families owned large portions of East Africa or whatever. They use their Bugattis and Bentleys just like you use an old Subaru. Hell, these guys drive their classics harder than most of what you see at your local rallycross.

These old money British hoons may be my new heroes.

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