We Americans are often longing for the small, tidy, spritely cars locked away across the pond, but those imagined sophisticated Europeans have a secret desire: big American land yachts. The '90s Lincoln Town Car might be the most emblematic of all.

I say that Europeans have a secret love for big old American cars, but it's not so much hidden as unknown in the US. Spend any time in the UK or the Continent and you'll assuredly see people rolling around in everything from vintage Mustangs to Pontiac Trans Sports, of all things.


Many Europeans buy American cars new because they're relatively cheap, but many buy them for the loafing, relaxed ease of them. Just look at Sweden.

As Regular Car Reviews put it when this video came out about a year ago (recently put up on Facebook again as a throwback), this Lincoln is a simple, soft, understressed cockroach of a car. It will last forever (or at least until all our gas runs out) and it will always roll with a lofty 1990s pride.

Don't you want one now?

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