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Right now, you can get a Lexus IS in any configuration as long as it's a sedan or convertible. Most of their competitors offer coupe versions of their luxury mid-sizers but not Lexus for some ridiculous reason probably having to do with the company's hopefully fading case of anhedonia. This image of the Lexus LF-CC Concept set for Paris seems to hint that a coupe is coming.


The Lexus LF-CC Concept shows that the brand is seriously committed to their "L-Finesse" design language, which includes putting giganto grilles on the front of all their cars that they call "spindles" but we call The Cheat. There are also the now typical creases in the body and front fenders that barely look attached to the car.

It's admittedly handsome from the front, profile, and front three-quarter. Lexus has always traded in restrained design, with even the wild Lexus LFA hiding its angry soul beneath a happily conservative skin. The rear is more debatable, with the taillights given a three-dimensional texture that looks more like scales. It's dynamism from a brand usually fearful of it.


Don't get too enthused by the powerplant, as it's the Lexus Hybrid Drive system that matches the 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle engine with an electric motor and batteries for lower emissions they aesf[o'iwth ta[oihtea watoih aoithatohiwet oaewr o…

Sorry, I just fell asleep on my keyboard.

If one were a betting man, and the pit boss at the Tropicana in Budapest will tell you I am, I'd say a non-convertible Lexus Coupe is a possibility. Can we bring the wagon back next?

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