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The Lee Grace Dougherty ad Subaru would run if they had balls

Illustration for article titled The Lee Grace Dougherty ad Subaru would run if they had balls

Three siblings from Florida, sought for a string of robberies, stole a Subaru Impreza and led police on a 20-mile car chase in Colorado at speeds of over 100 mph. The chase ended when cops put down a "stop stick."


The stick blew the Subaru's tires, causing the car to go into a spin. It hit a guardrail and came to a stop, which is when Lee Grace Dougherty, a 29-year-old stripper, and her brothers Ryan Edward Dougherty, a registered sex offender, and Dylan Dougherty Stanley made a run for it. Lee Grace loaded her handgun and cops shot her in the leg. The brothers were captured a short time later.

Shots of the disabled Impreza were soon splashed across all corners of the media-sphere, which some might consider bad publicity for Subaru. We disagree. Our advice to Subaru? Get Lee Grace into the company's "Love" ad campaign. We've given them a head start. (Thanks to Kent for the tip.)


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Eh, I can see why there were no stripper pictures.