The Lauge Jensen Viking Is Henrik Fisker's New Gig

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When we last heard from Henrik Fisker, famed designer of BMWs and Aston Martins and his namesake Fisker Karma, his namesake Fisker Karma was dead. Turning his woes and sadness into fine, flowing creative juices, like all great artists, he just designed this bike. It's called the Viking.


Technically it's called the Lauge Jensen Motorcycles Viking Concept, but yeah, "Viking" works, too. It's called that because... well, the company doesn't say, but let's just assume it's because both the designer and the builder are Danish, and the Danish have a long and storied history as consumers of smørrebrød.

Henrik Fisker, as far as I can tell, isn't directly employed by Lauge Jensen, so we won't be seeing a lot of these things, but rather he was commissioned by Lego heir (yes, seriously, a Lego heir) Anders Kirk Johansen to design a fat little Danish cruiser for himself.

I know pretty much absolutely nothing about bikes, beyond the fact that they have two wheels and I once got a motorcycle permit from the DMV but never actually rode a motorcycle because my mother told me I should just wait until she's dead because getting on one of those flying deathmachines would kill her anyways, so I'm just gonna go ahead and say this one looks pretty good.

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In trademark Henrik Fikser style, it's all swoopy lines and fat tires, and like rye bread and leverpostej. it's a tough combo to beat. Plus the combination of blue and white coloring is always fantastic – just look at every single Maserati with that scheme. You'll know what I'm talking about.

Oh, and as for the builder, Lauge Jensen, you might remember them from the time they made a million dollar gold-plated bike. Yes, a million dollar gold-plated bike.


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One of the most interesting car designers of our time... is now designing generic looking cruisers, cool?