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The Latest in Automotive Predictin' from the 818

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Reader DannyBoy, who comments from glen to glen and down the mountainside, tips us to this look into the future of oughtamoblilin', noting:

I don't normally like to rag on indy, well, rags... But this is so bad I couldn't hold back.

Valley Scene is a local weekly distributed in the SFV [San Fernando Valley, for non-Cali-types], and their cover story (which I discovered while waiting in line at the local In-N-Out) is all about "Cars of the Future."

I'm pretty sure they author just punched "Flying Cars" into google and wrote about the sites that popped up.

Meanwhile, this paragraph galls us to no end:

"The TV show Knight Rider came out in 1982 and was about a talking car that had a million computerized gadgets. It was supposed to be the dream car that every geek wanted and cost a million dollars to build. That car is almost an antique now. The only part of that high tech world that we don't have yet is the witty artificial computer intelligence. That too, unfortunately, is not far off."


Dude, Valley Scene guy. Last time we checked, we hadn't tested a car which allows us to jump inconvenient objects at the touch of a button. Nor did its deluxe model come with a "Pursuit Mode" that gave us like, um, ber-propulsion. Sheebus. Know-nothings.

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