The Last Coach-Built Bentley Continental Isn't Part Of The Real World

This 1963 S3 Continental was the last coach-built car from Bentley, giving it a quality and grace that isn’t anything like a modern car. Charles Morgan wonders if the car even has a place in the real world anymore.


Despite a very 1960s insensitive nickname, the car’s Scandinavian-designed lines highlight the atmosphere of the “jet age,” and the ridiculously luxurious quality of the car is bittersweet, as it’s a direct result of this being the last coach-built Bentley.

But does something like this have a place in modern times? Will today’s younger generations look to it with the same envy as the generations before them?


The answer seems to be that today’s youths will aspire to modernize the qualities and conversation surrounding the Bentley, and admire its subtlety and “respectable” presence. And then Instagram it and call an Uber home.

But from inside the car, it’s from another time—and Morgan concludes that nothing like it will come again, separating it from the modern, “real” world.

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It’s like this thing was stretched vertically from the grille up