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The Last 65 Mercedes-AMG G65s Will Be Special

(Image Credit: Mercedes-AMG)
(Image Credit: Mercedes-AMG)

The Mercedes-AMG G65 is an amazing 5,600 pound anachronism of an SUV, with a 6.0-liter V12 putting out what Mercedes says is 630 horsepower. And while the G-Class, as introduced in 1979, will live on, Mercedes-AMG says the G65 will not. On Thursday, the company announced it would be releasing 65 “Final Edition” G65s to mark the occasion.


No G Class is cheap. Even older basic-spec examples hold their value well. But the AMG variants are seriously expensive starting over $100,000. The “regular” G65 starts close to a quarter-million and the Final Edition rings up at a downright ridiculous $367,000. (!)

Like every other AMG G, the Final Edition ’65s will undoubtedly make a lot of noise and have the power to make passengers sick but even with a claimed 0 to 62 mph time of 5.2 seconds, the machine is more about opulence for its own sake than speed.


From the Mercedes-AMG press release:

This special model also has a high-quality interior design: the scope of equipment includes the designo Exclusive package in designo black nappa leather with seat side bolsters in a carbon-fibre look and topstitching in light brown. Carbon-fibre trim elements with decorative stitching in bronze, the milled Edition lettering in the grab handle plus floor mats with leather edging in light brown and topstitching in black round off the look.

The next generation G-Class is expected to debut in 2018, with some reports saying that it will be introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be another monster. Meanwhile, here’s a peek inside an ultra-fancy Final Edition G65:

Illustration for article titled The Last 65 Mercedes-AMG G65s Will Be Special
Illustration for article titled The Last 65 Mercedes-AMG G65s Will Be Special

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I used to own a Jetstar1

Nothing holds value like a G class. Nothing.