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The Land Rover Family Tree

Illustration for article titled The Land Rover Family Tree

Fancy yourself a Landie lover? Here's the full family tree from 1945 to 2009. Just move the LRX from "concept" over to production and it's as current as you can get. Click through to embiggen the intricately-detailed image. [via LandRover]


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turd ferguson

This tree needs to be pruned. The trunk (Defender 90, 100, and 130) is robust, but most of the branches are withering. The Santanas, Morattabs, and Ivecos are more Landie than the current Range Rover and LR2. And don't even get me started on the Range Rover Sport, the LR3, or the LRX. Just imagine if GM had taken a WRX, tarted it up, and instead of calling it a Saab, called it a Hummer. That's pretty much what's happened to Land Rovers of late. Someday, people will probably forget that Land Rover ever made vehicles that were capable of going off-road.