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I think the problem with Acura these days is that they really aren't given much to work with. That's why the entry-level Acura ILX is basically a dressed-up Honda Civic Si, and also why it hasn't sold especially well. But Acura says they have big changes for the ILX coming soon.


As it is now, the Civic-based ILX comes with either a 150 horsepower 2.0-liter engine and a five-speed automatic or a sporty-ish 201 horsepower 2.4-liter engine and a six-speed manual. It's not exactly a contender in the high-$20,000, low-$30,000 luxury game.


Acura says "a substantially new" 2016 ILX will be unveiled at next month's Los Angeles Auto Show. That includes, according to them, "a potent new powertrain, more forceful, sporty exterior styling, and substantially upgraded interior design," as well as "a sharper performance focus."

That's all they say. No details. If I had to guess, beyond the visual tweaks, we can expect more power and all-wheel drive because that's the way Acuras seem to be going. And those aren't bad things at all.

I still have hopes that Acura can return to being the fun, interesting company it used to be, so let's hope the ILX can up its game a little bit.

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