The Lamborghini SUV Is Confirmed For 2018, Whether You Like It Or Not

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The alleged “new Lamborghini SUV” idea that’s been raising eyebrows since the Urus concept came out in 2012 is finally officially confirmed by the company. What exactly it will look like remains an exciting and terrifying mystery but it’s slated to come out, for real, in 2018.

The yet-unnamed SUV will be built in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. (Purists rejoice! Hah!)

Volkswagen, Audi, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, local economic representation, and Lamborghini’s union all had a hand in making this happen. So, now you know how to blame when this batshit high-performance on-road/off-road frankenmonster sprays sand in your champagne when it blows by you in Dubai. Or China, where “[Parent company] Audi is seeking to broaden Lamborghini’s lineup beyond two-seat supercars, which have limited appeal in emerging markets... where road conditions can be poor,” according to Bloomberg.


Lamborghini plans on building “around 3,000” SUVs a year, which will primarily go to the USA, China, the Middle East, United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia... probably in that order.

Shaking your fist and asking god “WHY” yet?

It’s pretty simple: Parent-company beancounters project this vehicle will double Lamborghini’s overall annual sales. So if you like Lambos, you might as well stop worrying and learn to love their SUV because it’s probably what’s going to keep the company solvent.

And hey, the damn thing just might be awesome anyway. Stay posted ‘til 2018. Nothing yet on whether this will be a “Rambo-Lambo” LM002-looking thing or just... a lifted Lamborghini. I’d say the Urus is probably a strong suggestion of where they’ll take the concept; “supercar style with more cabin and ground clearance.”


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I call about 5 seconds before somebody jumps in with a “ummmm DUH DERP LM002 was thing!” response without reading the post.

Sacrilegious SUVs are our reality now. If there was a car company literally called NotSUV it would have an SUV to market within 5 years of opening, and it would hold 9 people and get 15mpg and millions would drive it empty to work every day because they just had a baby.