It seems that the car has found its way to Japan, where this clip highlighting the sounds this car can make was filmed.

With Tiff Needell and Mauro Baldi at the helm, the car was entered in a number of races but the only one it would finish was the 1986 500 KM of Kyalami in South Africa. After that, the funding started to dry up and the effort was abandoned and that was that.


Though the Countach QVX was generally a failure, it didn’t stop Lamborghini from making another attempt wit their next V12-powered platform, the Diablo. At this point, Group C had given way to the GT1 class and the car had to have a lot more in common with the Diablo road car, for better or for worse. What Lamborghini came up with was the Diablo 132 GT1. It failed too, but at least we got one (1) road car out of it. And that’s something worth celebrating.