Remember how Lamborghinis arenā€™t serious driverā€™s cars that canā€™t do anything well on a circuit at all? Remember? Yeah. The Aventador SV just lapped the Nurburgring in less than seven minutes. Craziness.

The Aventador is on Pirelli P-Zero Corsas, which arenā€™t even the most aggressive rubber that you can get from the Italian tire makes (that crown goes to the Trofeo R). And this car isnā€™t the understeering pig that many make Lamborghinis out to be. In fact, this is a lap that puts its lap time right up there with the McLaren P1 that has ā€œbroken seven minutesā€ and the 6:57 record that was set by the Porsche 918.

Not a record, but holy shit. Thatā€™s one fast Lambo. Youā€™ll really appreciate balls when you see just how fast this lap is.


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