The LaFerrari FXX K Has The Most Amazing Gearshift Sound In A Modern Car

The LaFerrari FXX K is very fast and very expensive and very red and blah blah who cares just my god listen to the sound it makes when you shift gears.


Chris Harris got to drive one of these things at Daytona for Top Gear on a strange thing called tele-vision, but today TG put out a web cut with less for-the-peanut-gallery shouting and more car-obsessive focus. That gives you a bit more time to listen to the chwewrrrrrrrrrrrrr that car makes every time a paddle for the seven-speed dual clutch gets pulled.

Watch the full Chris Harris On Cars vid here on Hell, just listen to it in another tab.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



They should just take a couple dozen of these and have the F1 drivers spec race them. That way we’d get a real Driver’s championship, and it would sound much better in the process. I think F1 has hit the point of diminishing returns for developing new technology anyway.