The Koenigsegg Regera Downshifts Without Shifting Down To Mess With Your Brain

A 1,500 horsepower hybrid car might have enough torque at any RPM, but the Koenigsegg Regera will still hit you with more if you pull the downshift paddle, despite having no gearbox to do any shifting with. Magic? Nope. Science!

Our friend Steven Wade used to be a Saab guy before ending up becoming Koenigsegg’s copywriter, but despite working for the company since last June, he hasn’t driven an Agera, nor the One:1 so far. Being around Koenigseggs all day long doesn’t mean you get the jump into them. They have Robert for that.


Then came the moment when Christian von Koenigsegg just finished uploading the latest software upgrade to the Regera prototype’s brain, and Steve could either take it for a spin himself, or play it safe in the passenger seat. Luckily, he chose the latter, so we could end up with some footage of the Regera’s “downshift” function, the moment when the clutch disengages for a split second to give you higher engine speeds.

Steve also wrote a blog post about what’s it like to have 1,500 horsepower on tap in a car with direct drive, and take his worlds with as much salt as you like, but “absof#$!inglutely AMAZING” sounds about right to me.

I would say good luck with your Chirons, future Bugatti buyers!


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Andrew P. Collins

Looks like a damn airport departure screen on the left side of the screen there!

Haha but seriously, what is all that?