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The King Of The Motos Competition Looks More Like A Punishment Than A Race

Hard enduro riding is one of the craziest things you’ll ever see someone do on a motorcycle. It looks at things us mere mortals think are impossible and rides right over the top of them. Hard enduro contests get a bunch of these crazies together, try and find stuff even they can’t ride over, and then make it a race. Warning, this video will make you feel bad at riding motorcycles - but sane for not wanting to try this.

Jimmy Lewis is about as close as it comes to being an American off-road legend. The guy has made the podium at Dakar, won the Baja 1000, is a four time International Six Day Enduro Gold Medal winner, and has won countless other titles. He also runs an off-road school, where he does things on a huge KTM Adventure bike that you probably couldn’t do if you were holding a toy model of one.


So, it’s no surprise that when Jimmy gets all excited about coming up with some competition, it’s going to be brutal. When Lewis stumbled upon the King Of The Hammers competition, he was keen to add a bike race to the mix.

Watching this video fills me with equal parts “oh my God, I would die,” and “I don’t even think I’d want to be good at something where competing in it meant putting yourself through this shit.” Fortunately, there is zero chance I’ll ever know what that’s like. I tip my hat to anyone tough enough to take off from the start line in this madness.


KTM Factory rider and AMA EnduroCross champion Cody Webb won the King Of The Motos competition, which is held in Johnson Valley, California. In case you want to see a list of people who are way better than me at motorcycles, you can find the full race results here.

Anyone in for 2017? Can I come hold your water bottle?

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Looks cool for sure.. and major kudos to the riders, but something about seeing massive destruction of natural habitat/public lands makes me cringe..... Are there no existing trails that are hammer-rific enough?