What happens when you put a four inch lift and some mud tires on a Kia Forte Koup? Great things. Meet the Baja Kia!

This year, Kia is going for a “spirit of adventure found on the open road” theme at the SEMA show. They’re trying to build cars that represent certain regions of the U.S. Can you guess which region this mud bogger represents? Yup, the good ol’ ‘Murican south.

But make no mistake, this is no Chevy K10 blazer with a confederate flag, this is just a little two-wheel drive Kia Forte Koupe.

New Jersey-based Lux Motorwerks had about 3.5 weeks to do the best they could with that questionable starting point, and, all things considered, they came up with a badass lookin’ rig. It’s got a four inch suspension lift, Bilstein Shocks in the back, 29-inch ATV tires, Jeep wheels and spacers and custom-moulded fender flares.


It even has a manual! Excellent.

The carpet has been thrown out in favor of Line-X truck bedliner, the stock seats were swapped with racing chairs, and there’s a hand built roll cage.


How does that little 1.6-liter four-pot do at spinning those bigger meats? Have a look below: