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The status of Karma Automotive, formerly Fisker and/or VLF Automotive, is a little confusing to me. But the current iteration of the company has dropped a long and low electric coupe concept that has me rooting for whoever’s trying to put the thing on the road.

The Karma SC2 reminds me a little of the Mercedes SLR, Ferrari Roma, Tesla Model 3 and Toyota Supra. But it’s unique, without a doubt. As a piece of automotive design, it’s wonderful. Even if the body-length basset hound-ear doors look wildly impractical. Seriously, how is anybody supposed to be able to close that from the cabin? Or open it in a garage?


Anyway, we needn’t stress ourselves with such pedestrian trivialities because as a cool sports coupe this vehicle is rad. Elegant, even. And it’s hard to do both those things at once. I think the silver-on-tan colorway of this demo model (rendering?) helps raise the classiness quotient, too.

Karma has released some hypothetical specifications for this car too but I don’t think performance numbers and features on a vehicle that doesn’t really exist are worth your attention. If you’re curious, you’re welcome to peep the press release though.

Karma is also bringing the latest version of the Revero sedan, the GTS, but it’s a little harder to get excited about that one since the look’s been around for so long.

Image: Karma Automotive

The car’s apparently committed to production though, so the performance claims are actually intriguing: it’s got dual electric motors and a turbo three-cylinder engine that together are supposed to yield a 360-mile range, 80 miles in electric-only mode. 0-60 mph is posted at3.9 seconds and top speed is 130, per the press release.

If you’re coming through the LA Auto show, these might be some of the prettier pieces of hardware to feast your eyes on.

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