The Journey From Jaguar E-Type To F-Type Was A Rocky One

Did you know that the sexy Jaguar F-Type is the storied marque's first two-seat sports car in more than 50 years? The last time they did it, they produced what is possibly the greatest sports car of all time: the E-Type.


The new F-Type is a gorgeous and amazing machine, but that's a lot to live up to. Fortunately, 52 years of evolution means that the F-Type can be its own man. Er, cat.

So how did it take five decades for Jaguar to go from E-Type to F-Type? That's tricky, but this video retrospective — or "Jagstrospective," as I like to call it — from Edmunds seeks to break it down.

The road was a rough one one. After the E-Type, Jaguar built the XJS. Though two-seat versions were made, it was more of a grand tourer and not a pure sucessor to their original icon. Then they came out with the F-Type concept in 2000, but Ford shelved it for unknown reasons.

Now Jaaaaag is back in the two-seat game with the production F-Type, which looks markedly different from the concept from the last decade. Can it live up to the E-Type? I say that's an impossible standard. The good news is that the F-Type does just fine on its own.

Hat tip to Carscoops!


Victorious Secret

I brought my flame suit for this...

The F-Type might make your panties drop in pictures but in person, to me, it was pretty bloated and not THAT exceptional.

It looks nice yes, but it isn't the shining beacon of design perfection that some people seem hellbent on making it out to be.