Did you know that the sexy Jaguar F-Type is the storied marque's first two-seat sports car in more than 50 years? The last time they did it, they produced what is possibly the greatest sports car of all time: the E-Type.

The new F-Type is a gorgeous and amazing machine, but that's a lot to live up to. Fortunately, 52 years of evolution means that the F-Type can be its own man. Er, cat.

So how did it take five decades for Jaguar to go from E-Type to F-Type? That's tricky, but this video retrospective — or "Jagstrospective," as I like to call it — from Edmunds seeks to break it down.

The road was a rough one one. After the E-Type, Jaguar built the XJS. Though two-seat versions were made, it was more of a grand tourer and not a pure sucessor to their original icon. Then they came out with the F-Type concept in 2000, but Ford shelved it for unknown reasons.


Now Jaaaaag is back in the two-seat game with the production F-Type, which looks markedly different from the concept from the last decade. Can it live up to the E-Type? I say that's an impossible standard. The good news is that the F-Type does just fine on its own.

Hat tip to Carscoops!