Three Spectators Reportedly Killed At Jim Clark Rally [UPDATE]

The Jim Clark Rally, a round of the British Rally Championship in Scotland, has been cancelled, amid numerous reports saying that spectators were seriously injured after being struck by a vehicle. UPDATE: Three people are reportedly dead, after one of the rally cars lost control and hit a crowd.


The rally is the only one on the British mainland to be held entirely on closed-off public roads. The crash reportedly occurred near the town of Coldstream, close to the border with England:

Kirsty Nunn, who was about a mile away from the crash site, said that at least 20 emergency vehicles went by, headed to the incident scene:


UPDATE: Two people were killed, according to the BBC:

One eyewitness, Tony Cowan, said: "It was just one car which lost control. It went sideways one way and then to the other side of the road and ploughed into four people.

"It was terrible, absolutely terrible. I ran to help but there was little I could do. The air ambulance arrived after about three quarters of an hour. There were police cars and ambulances. It was chaos, just chaos."


UPDATE #2: The death toll has now risen to three, and the fourth person hit by the car is in critical condition, according to The Mirror. The car reportedly hit the four people after cresting a bridge.

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