The Jetta Coupe With An R32 Heart Of Gold

He and his mates were out hooning in a borrowed MK4 R32, when they hit a 30-mph corner at 100 mph. They survived, the R32 did not. But the 4Motion lives on in a MK4 Jetta coupe. You heard right.

The ol' Waterfest/H20/Motorstadt crowd may recall 1552 Design's Project X, which the shop chopped a Jetta sedan into the coupe many wished VW would build.


This Kiwi project employs the guts from that lost R32—the carcass of which the builder acquired from the previous owner—in the service of a Mk4 Jetta Coupe 4 Motion R32 Turbo build. A noble effort indeed.

As Build Threads explains, to build a MK4 Jetta coupe, you must take the doors from a Golf three-door hatch (they're longer), move the B-pillar to accommodate the new portals, "then fill in the gap between the door and the rear quarter panel." Easy.

Not so much. Follow the thread on for the gory details. It's not done yet, so you might want to bookmark it for future lurkage. Here's what it looks like so far.


Now a moment of silence for the lost R32. May you find traction at all for corners in the Volksterlife.

[via Build Threads]

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