The Jeepvette is what happens when Jeep and Corvette combine

We aren't exactly sure what inspires someone to put a Jeep CJ-7 body and the chassis of a 1984 Corvette, but this is what the mostly finished result looks like. This odd combination is currently on Ebay waiting for someone else who wants a Corvette that looks like a Jeep badly enough to finish up this bizarre project.

When people decide to combine the components from two or more vehicles together the result can range anywhere from unbelievably awesome to downright terrible. Although we really don't know what to think of the Corvette/Jeep mixture you see here, we know it falls somewhere in between the two aforementioned categories. Adapting a Jeep body to a Corvette chassis isn't really something that has ever crossed our minds before, but it is at the very least interesting to see the result.


Even if we had a hard time forming an opinion on this weird custom creation, after reading the description of this vehicle, we can tell there is undeniable project car hell waiting for the next owner of the Jeepvette. Stamping new VINs into the frame, plumbing custom Air Conditioning, and installing a data port to read engine code errors from the 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe sourced 5.3 V8 are just a few of the daunting tasks awaiting the lucky new owner.

Having said that, the Jeepvette currently runs, drives, stops, steers, and shifts. On top of that you are guaranteed to have the only C4 Corvette that looks like a Jeep CJ7 around. If that sounds like a positive thing to you, bidding is currently at $200 with over six days left in the Ebay auction. We have no idea how much money the owner expects, but we will be watching with great interest to see where the bidding for this strange creation stops.



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