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The Jeep TJ Proves The War Is Over

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Regular Car Reviews explains that since it’s getting more and more difficult to find an unmolested Jeep TJ at a reasonable right price, you really shouldn’t treat yours like you’re still at war.


Chrysler kept the Jeep TJ in production until 2006, but from that point on, Wranglers have no AMC parts connecting them to their past. The familiar grill and the removable doors are there, but something got lost forever.

Most TJs came with that legendary 4.0-liter AMC inline-six, an old engine “with a happy spot” that leaks oil and sets itself on fire occasionally. The TJ also got the Cherokee’s coil-spring suspension and a few other comfort features, but don’t let that fool you. If you want to leave the tarmac and go four-wheeling, the TJ will do it all thanks to all the aftermarket parts available.

A simple car that’s impossible to hate. Do your best, it just won’t happen.

Photo credit: Regular Car Reviews


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There’s nothing wrong with the JK. I love mine.