The Jeep CJ-5 Had Guts And Not Much Else

Nowadays you can get a Jeep with a menagerie of toys and tech, like hill descent control, navigation systems, premium audio systems, and floormats. But way back in the days of the old-school Jeeps, the only amenity that could be advertised was "guts," and the rest of the list wasn't much longer.

The rest of that list, by the way, was composed of four-wheel-drive, and a frame. Both of which are important to have, I suppose, if you're going anywhere off road.


But that's part of the reason why old Jeeps were, and still are, so beloved. They were simple, easy to fix, and hell, there were only about five moving parts to fix if something went wrong.

Sure, the stiff suspension might've rattled you out of the threadbare seats if you took it anywhere near a slightly bumpy road at anything quicker than a few miles per hour, but that was part of the joy.

Because there's nothing like a car that you don't get in, but rather sit on top of.

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