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The Jay Leno-Inspired Lincoln Navigator Weirdly Has No Denim Anywhere

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I zoomed in on the press photos. I scanned them carefully. I even hit command + F on my keyboard for the word “denim” in the press release. No dice. How is this a proper custom Lincoln Black Label Navigator for Jay Leno, then, if it has no damn denim anywhere on it?

The long wheelbase Navigator was unveiled at SEMA (because of course it was), and specially ordered by the famed denim-on-denim fan, Leno. It’s been painted a Chroma Crystal Blue on the outside and has a Lincoln Black Label Yacht Club theme inside.


I am neither old nor white enough to understand what that means exactly, so I’ll just post a photo of it here for you.


Additional customizations include a two-tone body repaint, darker privacy glass, darker chrome accents and multi-multi-spoke wheels.

The Lenovigator was designed by Lincoln’s design studio and completed by Galpin Motors & Auto Sports in Southern California. It will be on display at the Jay Leno’s Garage Advanced Vehicle Care show stand, so look for it there.

Better yet, find a Leno representative. Demand to know why the denim is missing. Do better, SEMA!